The Best Flat Iron Reviews

best flat iron reviews 2015Beauty is essential for all females. However, beauty is not restricted to your look in terms of dress up and makeup but is also extended to your hair appearance. With that in mind we decided to publish the best flat iron reviews!

In this regard, flat irons tend to grab the first rank as useful hair styling tools because they are designed exclusively to deliver sleek manes, shinier strands, and even bouncing curls. If you are seeking straight, shiny, and smooth hair, flat irons or straighteners are simply ideal.

A Flat Iron over Other Straightening Methods is What We Recommend!

However, a flat iron tends to differ from other straightening methods such as permanents, in terms of duration of usage and lasting of the hairstyle. Moreover, contrasting to permanents, flat irons or straighteners can be used without applying harsh chemicals.

Similarly, both professionals and novices can use flat irons delivering salon-like results, as there is no need of former usage experience, and that they are not vulnerable to quick failures like the other recognized do-it-yourself straightening methods. While straighteners of superb quality might demand a significant up-front investment, their ease of use along with safety level simply justifies the cost.

We Spotlight the Star in the Diverse Collection of The Best Flat Irons!

However, the market is full of different of different types of flat irons. The major point of distinction is the material that the plate in a flat iron employs. This can be ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium. While ceramic is more popular than the boom-gaining tourmaline, titanium is progressing well to be the most popular one.

What makes titanium so powerful such that it can outshine ceramic and tourmaline? Why titanium, a groundbreaking material recently introduced to the hair styling market, is getting preferred more and more by both professionals and home users? Is titanium suitable for all hair types? Are there any drawbacks of using titanium irons? Which is the best titanium flat iron for my hair? Well, these and many more questions are what we attempt to answer through reviews and blog articles on this portal.

We offer informative articles so that you know which is the best titanium flat iron and even reviews on titanium straighteners available in the market today so that you can pick the most suitable one for your hair.

Titanium Flat Irons Are What We Believe to Be a Better Option than Ceramic Equivalents!

Ceramic vs Titanium Hair StraightenerFor getting the desired straight look, it is essential to have a revolutionary, hair-friendly straightener. Did you know that titanium flat irons were actually introduced to alleviate the risk of damage done by a ceramic straightener to the ends?

Have you ever noticed brown or orange spots in some areas of the ceramic plates while using a ceramic straightener? This is perhaps because the plates start to wear after being used for so many times with much heat passing through them in each session. Moreover, even the material tends to chip off after some time of frequent usage. However, this is not the case with titanium, as it is a stronger material to withhold a lot of wear and tear, even though you are using it more often than before.

Titanium is as strong as steel but is 60% less dense, which means lighter in weight than steel. Moreover, it renders smoothest surface to the plates in a styling tool, which is particularly useful for preventing hair from snagging when in contact with the iron plates. Some more salient benefits of using titanium plates are as follows:

  • Faster Heating and Styling Time: Due to titanium’s ability to retain higher heat for a longer time on smoothest surface (of plates), generate and distribute ionic heat to hair from inside out, and distribute and maintain heat evenly across the surface, as it is a higher conductor of heat than ceramic
  • Minimal Damage to Shaft: Due to the ability to reach up to the set high temperature in just a few seconds, access the roots, and retain a consistent heat level throughout styling
  • Ultra Smooth Manes without Frizz and Snags: Due to the material’s ability to generate millions of negative ions (ionic output) that help preserve the natural moisture each time you straighten, discard all frizz from the ends, glide more smoothly than normal across the hair chunks, alleviate damage by ensuring no pulling or snagging, and smoothen the shafts for rendering a healthier and shinier appearance
  • Retained Silky Look throughout the Day: Due to the higher ionic output than ceramic tools whose silky output does not last longer
  • More Durable Plates: Due to the titanium’s sturdiness and high resistance to scratch and chemical corrosion, which is not found at such a high level in ceramic plates
  • Retained New Look of Plates: Due to the ability of absorbing moisture with the plates each time you straighten, which retains their brand new shine even after frequent usage
  • Versatile: Due to the material ability to deal fine, damaged, very thick, highly coarse, extremely wavy, and ethnic manes
  • Safe: Due to the ability to offer different temperature settings for diverse hair types, ceramic or infrared heating technology, and heat resistant housing unit

Due to the above benefits, it can be concluded that titanium tends to straighten the manes quickly and efficiently, by retaining consistent heat levels to keep damage at bay and render optimal results. The titanium irons are manufactured in a way to produce heat quickly for complementing the loss while straightening your hair.

When used sparingly, styling with a titanium iron can safely render the desired look in least time. In terms of quality, time, and substance, titanium flat irons are better than the ceramic equivalents that are even today the most affordable options for fine and thin manes. Because of these benefits, many ceramic straighteners now come with plates that are infused with titanium to offer maximum benefits by shifting the risk of damage to 0 on the measuring scale.

Selecting the Best Titanium Flat Irons Smartly and Knowledgeably

You need to consider a few vital factors while shopping, that’s why it’s important to read our flat iron reviews. Keep in mind that although many titanium straighteners might share common features, none of them is equal or same. Similarly, while many titanium flat irons might have curling capability, they are different from curling irons as well as from the digital styling brushes. Flat irons make your hair flatter, but they can make different effects on the manes, such as waves or curls depending upon the way in which you use it. Keeping these facts in mind, here are the vital factors to consider while selecting a titanium flat iron:

Hair Type

Not all flat irons are suitable for all hair types. Because a titanium flat iron works on high heat that can damage your hair, it is essential to know the hair type. However, there is no need to be afraid of heat, though.

  • Fine, Usually Straight Hair: If such manes get frizzy all time, you need not go about 300-320 degrees. Look for an ultra-smooth titanium flat iron that can fight frizz without damage!
  • Fine Curly Hair: Such manes need the best flat iron that comes with multiple temperature settings to choose from, for selecting the one that works for your specific blend of texture and density. Get a model that does not pull or catch your kinky locks.
  • Normal, Medium, Wavy Hair: Such manes usually get tamed between a temperature ranging from 360-380 degrees.
  • Thick, Mostly Straight Hair: Such manes need more heat than fine hair, even if there is little curl or wave. Choose model with different temperature settings and a bigger titanium plate for spreading thick hair out to allow heat to give equal attention on strands.
  • Thick, Coarse, Curly Hair: Such manes demand both high heat as well as protection. The normal heat range applicable here is 380-410 degrees. Look for an ionized model that locks moisture and keep fried outcome at bay.

Generally, the curlier and thicker your manes is, the more heat you need to style or straighten it. This means such manes demand a more advanced flat iron, perhaps the one with more ionic output. This is something that titanium tools offer! Such a quality material allows a straightener to last longer, make less damage to hair requiring more vigorous and hotter straightening, and facilitate the outcome to last longer, at least a day.


There are two shapes that a flat iron can take up. First, it can be a long one with a thin plate, which is ideal for straightening short hair or curly hair, either by gliding the hair via the tightly hold plates at an angle or holding the manes tightly at the end and curling it around the whole unit almost like a curling iron.

Second, the flat iron can be a long with a wide straightening plate. Such irons are ideal for longer manes that are tough to straighten systematically with a thinner model. These tools ensure better gripping as well as enable more locks to get straightened at a time. This means you need not spend time on styling your difficult hair that can be very thick or long.

Titanium Flat Irons that We Concluded to Be the Best after Research

Titanium flat irons and their performance output are designed to last for a long time! The collection is ideal for those who flatten their manes at the safe temperature on a regular basis and with use of a little heat protectant while styling at a higher temperature. Because titanium tools become too hot too quickly, it becomes essential to use the heat control. This is true regardless of the brand you choose.

During our research on titanium flat irons, we probed into some of the most popular and high quality brands so that you can select the most reliable one. These brands are known for their quality, affordability, and ease of use benefits for both professionals and beginners alike.

BaByliss Pro Nano TItaniumBABYLISS PRO:

Certainly, this brand seems to be the leading manufacturer of professional flat irons. Made in the U.S.A, the titanium flat irons are professional enough to deliver salon-like high performance at home or while traveling without damage. Many of these tools such as wet to dry and mini come with the latest nano titanium technology that ensures lightweight strength.


Croc TitaniumCROC:

This brand is known for its diverse collection of flat irons, each having a fusion of advanced technologies. You can expect a stylish look for infrared titanium iron with technologically advanced mechanism for styling your manes.




Izunami / Izutech Titanium Hair StraightenerIzunami/Izutech:

Although not as famous as BaByliss, this is trustworthy brand with high-end straightener tools for fine and brittle manes. Based in South Korean, the brand offers a titanium flat iron that ensures no damage at all for a bit high price it demands for ease of use, wider plates, and excellent temperature control.





Rusk Titanium Flat IronRusk:

This brand is known for its flat irons having titanium infused ceramic plates and digital temperature control. Most of its flat irons are a blend of ceramic and tourmaline but this one straightener with titanium has grabbed 50% more positive reviews out of the total number of reviews an Amazon.



This one is known for its full collection titanium tools, each with different features. However, the one with the giraffe design seems to attract more flat iron users because of its not only unique print but also superb performance.






We review the best titanium products from these brands! We tend to pick up the tools as per different sub categories such as mini, professional, travel, and infrared. This is because we aim to be the most comprehensive as well as organized portal dedicated to titanium flat irons.