Interesting Facts About Las Vegas

Interesting Facts

Las Vegas is inspired by a host of legends and myths, but here are some of the actual and surprising facts about the area.

• When Paul Anka initially played Vegas he was still under age to be allowed to go into the casino.

• The Flamingo casino derived its name from Bugsy Siegel’s girlfriend who was a showgirl with incredibly long legs.

• In Nevada it is actually mandatory that the video-slot machines pay out a minimum of 75% on average.

• The Vegas Vic, which is a massive neon cowboy which towers over the Fremont Street, happens to be the biggest mechanical-neon sign across the globe.

• Howard Hughes ended up staying in the Desert Inn for such a long time that the hotel eventually asked that he should leave. He ended up buying this hotel.

• In Nevada, camels were utilized in the form of pack animals in the 1870’s.

• Over 41 million visitors visit Las Vegas every year.

• 17 out of the 20 largest hotels in the U.S. happen to be located in Las Vegas.

The Do’s And Don’ts In Las Vegas

1. Casino Etiquette

Avoid bringing any electronic personal items when you enter into the casinos. The hotel security is always watching for video or photography of casino tables and machines and will remove any person’s that do so. Every player will need to be 21 years or older to play in these casinos.

2. Health

When in Las Vegas it is important to realize that you are out in the desert and you will need fluids, especially in the dry and hot months of summer. Make sure you always have water with you or buy bottles while you are out and about during the day. It is also important to bring along lots of sunscreen.

3. Safety

The highly populated areas of Las Vegas happen to be a part of a few of safest spots for visitors across the globe. The security is extremely tight and highly visible, but that does not mean you should not be taking a few precautions. You should still be alert of the surroundings and keep away from situations that may appear threatening. When you are in the casinos keep a watch over your chips, change bucket and purse. If there happens to be an incident, security personnel and the police are typically highly visible.